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IS 9873 (Part 1):2019, IS 15644:2006 Electric and Non-Electric Toys

IS 9873 (Part 1):2019, IS 15644:2006 Electric and Non-Electric Toys

Tech Trust is a manufacturer and supplier of Testing equipment for Textile, footwear, rubber, glass, plywood, toys, plastics, concrete, Chemicals and electrical & electronics industries and many more.

We are especially a manufacturer and supplier of standard quality testing equipment for electrical and non-electrical toys. Our primary goal is to provide reliable toy testing equipment of high quality and design. 

We manufacture equipment that meets both Indian and international standards. The equipment complies with BIS, IS, JIS, DIN, and ASTM testing requirements. The components used in the manufacture of our testing equipment are strong and resistant to corrosion. We offer our products in various specifications to meet the needs of various industries. All products are manufactured in accordance with industry standards and norms. The raw materials used in manufacturing are of high quality, and the components used are of reputable brands.

BIS also made it mandatory for toy manufacturers to set up laboratories to ensure that they meet the requirements of the specified standard. Toy testing aims to ensure that the toys are safe for children. It is usually accomplished by ensuring that established standards are followed, and that toy testing equipment is as per standard.

A variety of instruments from various fields, such as mechanical, electrical, chemical, and optical, are required to test a product. It’s difficult to buy everything in one place, and it takes time. We offer a complete product testing solution at one place.

Standard for Toys:

Indian Standard for toys is divided into several parts. The following are the parts of Indian standard for toys.

S.No. IS No. Standard Title
1. IS 9873 (Part 1):2019 Safety Aspects Related to Mechanical and Physical Properties
2. IS 9873 (Part 2): 2017 Flammability
3. IS 9873 (Part 3): 2017 Migration of Certain Elements
4. IS 9873 (Part 4): 2017 Swings, Slides and Similar Activity Toys for Indoor and Outdoor Family Domestic Use
5. IS 9873(Part 5):2017 Determination of total concentration of certain elements in toys
6. IS 9873 (Part 6):2017 Determination of certain phthalate esters in toys and children's products
7. IS 9873 (Part 7): 2017 Requirements and Test Methods for Finger Paints
8. IS 9873 (Part 8): 2017 Age determination guidelines
9. IS 9873 (Part 9) :2017 Certain Phthalates Esters in Toys and Children's Products
10. IS 15644:2006 Safety of Electric Toys

Various testing equipment is being used to perform different kinds of tests on toys products according to above standard. Some of the tests and their equipment for toys as per above standard are listed below.

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List of Test Equipment

S.No. Test Test Equipment
1. Small part test Cylinder
2. Test for shape and size of certain toys Test template
3. Small balls test Test template
4. Test for preschool play figure Supplemental test Template
5. Accessibility of a part or component Articulated accessibility probe
6. Sharp-edge test Steel Mandrel, Pressure sensitive polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) tape
7. Sharp-point test Point tester
8. Determination of thickness of plastic film and sheeting Measuring device
9. Test for cords Optical projector, Head probe, Hook test fixture
10. Stability and overload tests Loads for stability test, Loads for overload test
11. Test for closures and toy chest lids Suitable apparatus
12. Impact test for toys that cover the face Suitable apparatus
13. Kinetic energy and wall impact test Timing device
14. Free-wheeling facility and brake performance test Apparatus for stability and overload tests
15. Leakage of liquid-filled toys Conditioning chamber
16. Durability of mouth actuated toys Durability test apparatus with piston pump
17. Washable toys Automatic washing machine, dummy load, washer, dryer
18. Reasonably foreseeable abuse tests Torque gauge, tension and compression test apparatus
19. Determination of sound pressure levels Equipment for noise measurement, reflecting plane
20. Static and dynamic strength for toy scooters Test masses
21. Tension test for magnets Tension test apparatus with nickel disc
22. Magnetic flux index Magnetic flux index test apparatus with direct current field gauss meter
23. Impact test for magnets Impact test for magnets apparatus
24. Soaking test for magnets Container of demineralized water
25. Determination of projectile range Apparatus to discharge the projectile using discharge angle
26. Tip assessment of rigid projectiles Gauge
27. Yo-yo ball measurements Setup for yo-yo ball measurement including fixed clamping device
28. Flammability Test burner, Conditioning and test chamber Fire extinguishers and other protective equipment
29. Migration of Certain Elements Reagents Normal laboratory apparatus and Plain-weave wire-cloth stainless steel metal sieve
30. Stability of toddler swings Pendulum test apparatus constructed
31. Determination of impact from swing elements Test mass, Accelerometer, Amplifier
32. Toggle test Toggle test device
33. Test for protrusions Test gauges
34. Test Methods for Finger Paints – Limits for primary aromatic amines Reagents
35. Tests for Safety of Electric Toys – Heating and abnormal operation test 4 layers of Bleached cotton gauze, Fine-wire thermocouples, Apparatus for needle flame test
36. Electric strength at operating temperature Power supply, Voltmeter, ammeter, oscilloscope
37. Moisture resistance Test apparatus, Humidity cabinet
38. Electric strength at room temperature Power supply, Voltmeter, ammeter, oscilloscope
39. Mechanical strength Impact Hammer test apparatus
40. Construction Voltmeter, Steel surface, Calipers, measuring scale/tape
41. Protection of cords and wires Calipers, measuring scale/tape
42. Screws and connections Tools such as spanners, wrenches and pliers, torque gauge
43. Resistance to heat and fire Apparatus for ball pressure test, Apparatus for glow-wire test, Apparatus for needle flame test
44. Power Input Voltmeter, Wattmeter

Why Tech Trust?

It is not only about the equipment, but we also provide some additional free/complementary services and support before and after the sale. We believe that the relationship & trust we have with our customers is the most valuable asset for us, so our focus is to provide excellent services.

The following free/Complementary services shall be offered:

Warranty One-year exclusive warranty shall be offered to purchaser only.
Calibrations We shall provide calibration certificate from NABL accredited lab for all the in house manufactured equipment's only.
Commissioning We will depute our service engineer for commissioning the system in your laboratory as a part of our complementary services.
Service On-site service and maintenance of laboratory equipment for one year
Installation Free installation and laboratory setup services shall be provided.
Training & SOP Standard operating procedure and training at your work shall be provided.
Customer support We provide 24 X 7 online customer support services.
Complete Solution We provide complete solution for testing of product at one place.
Customised testing solution We understand that each customer's requirement is unique and deserves sole attention when it comes to the development of a testing solution. We also provide customised testing solution as per customer specification.
Warranty One-year exclusive warranty shall be offered to purchaser only.
  • We abide by our deadlines and make ensure that the products are delivered to the customers on time.
  • Customer may carry out pre-shipment inspection at our work at your own expenses.
  • The equipment supplied shall be as per standard specification.


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